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Are you an experienced developer who has considered becoming a developer advocate, but hated the idea of all that travel? Or are you an experienced DA that wants to settle down at home? In this role, you’ll create compelling online experiences for developers from your home. Come build the best possible experience for developers. Help tell the story of Universal Code Search.

Conceptualize, plan, and execute all types of online engagement with developers. Live casts, webinars, online training, live coding, online meetups, online office hours, podcasts, interviews, twitch, you can probably name 10 more.
Code. Create code samples and demos.
Be active on Developer social media. Have an opinion and a point of view.
Nurture a community. Answer questions in StackOverflow and other developer media.
Connect with customers. Speak directly to our developer users about their business needs, technical landscapes, and pain points. Give demos.
Become a product expert. Steep yourself in the experiences that developer users have, and demonstrate the value of Universal Code Search.
Loves to be live online, and is a great show person and a great communicator. Maybe you have a personal youtube channel, podcast, or a side gig as a standup comic.
Has 3-5+ years of experience working as a developer a tech company or a Fortune 500 company or with at least 100 developers.

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